5.Gift Registry (of sorts)

We wanted to keep this part as simple and straightforward (and low-stress/low-pressure!) as possible. When two “seasoned” people get married, chances are, they already have most of what they need – or at least, they have plenty of stuff and would be hard-pressed to make a list of more stuff. And we’ve definitely got STUFF.

Having just bought a new (to us) house, and having so many improvement projects in the works, we thought it would just be great if anyone wanted to contribute to that effort in some way. So! If you’re at all inclined, we would love a gift card from Lowe’s for home renovations (or a new dishwasher), or from Target for home decorations (like a full, matching set of silverware!). We’ll have a lovely little box at the ceremony/reception to receive them.

Otherwise, we have some travel dreams – starting with our honeymoon in Oregon! A few nights on the coast, a day in Hood River, another day in wine country, maybe…  So, we’d be equally grateful for a contribution to that effort, and we’d promise to send pictures with our notes of gratitude. If you’re leaning in that direction, here’s a link to make it easy. Or, like all the cool kids these days, we’ve got Venmo, too. Southwest gift cards also welcome!

Whatever you do, please know that we’ll be well and truly happy just to have you there with us, whether a gift is in your budget or not. Celebrating with our loved ones, ultimately, is what it’s all about.

Well, that and the whole getting married part. ❤