4.Things to do in Nashville

…here. When you’re here!

Nashville has been enjoying its reputation as the “It” city of the South for a few years, as evidenced by the near-constant revelry downtown, all the shows of every kind of music, coffee shops and restaurants-that-are-not-meat-and-threes…  this part of the “progress” is pretty great. And that means you’ve got choices!

Some favorite spots for…


  • Barista Parlour (any of them!) for coffee, and certainly for their Moto biscuits
  • Headquarters, a teeny-tiny coffee shop in West Nashville that was one of our frequent stops when we lived in that part of town (we miss it)
  • Crema, which also has really, REALLY good chocolate chip cookies, if memory serves (we never forget a good cookie, y’all)
  • Steadfast Coffee, also great for mimosas and a tasty breakfast


  • Some fancy restaurants: Rolf & Daughters; Husk; Chauhan Ale & Masala House; Sinema (especially once you’ve had a taste of the goodness at our reception!)
  • Some pizza: DeSano Pizza Bakery, or 312 Pizza Company
  • Some BBQ: Martin’s Bar-B-Que Joint; Peg Leg Porker; Edley’s
  • Some Southern staples: Loveless Cafe (OMG the biscuits); Monell’s; Rotier’s
  • Some Mexican: La Jaliciense; Don Julio (near our house!); Saint Añejo
  • Some hot chicken (we’re known for that!): Hattie B’s, or Prince’s Hot Chicken

Also, drinks! SO MUCH DRINKS.

  • Some local breweries/tap rooms: Bearded Iris; Southern Grist; Fat Bottom; Jackalope
  • Some spirits: Corsair Distillery; Nelsons’ Green Brier Distillery

Stuff to do! 

  • Centennial Park, especially if you get a chance to see the Parthenon and Athena; we are the Athens of the South, after all…
  • Cheekwood, if you’re in the mood for lovely botanical gardens and a museum, and a drive through one of our many fancy neighborhoods to get there
  • Hillsboro Village has some cute shops, along with bars and restaurants and stuff
  • Radnor Lake or Percy Warner Park, if you’re looking for a beautiful place to do some light hiking or just spend some time in nature
  • Catch a show at Exit/In, Basement East, or Marathon Music Works (and really, you should go wander around Marathon Village; it’s neat!)