3.Where to Stay

Here’s the thing. Because Nashville is such a popular destination – I mean, it’s 2nd only to Vegas for bachelorette parties, has one of the top 3 NYE fireworks shows in the country, and is still relatively inexpensive, compared to some other cities (cough-SF-cough) – you do have your choice of places to stay, parts of town to focus on, and all that… but you also run the risk of finding a tiny room for $400/night.

So! If you’re coming from out of town and want to be near the Holman family, or if you’re renting a car and want to be fairly close to the venue but otherwise don’t much care about where you stay, we’ve reserved a discounted block of rooms at the Four Points Sheraton in Brentwood. All you have to do is click here, and you’ll be taken to the site with our reservation code already entered.

Other ideas for places to stay, if you want to rent a room somewhere closer in to downtown, or maybe do the Air BnB thing:

  • East Nashville: there are some great bars, restaurants, coffee shops, and hipster hangouts
  • 12 South: same as above, but with fewer hipsters and more yuppies (Are we still using that word? Is that even a thing anymore?)
  • Belmont/Hillsboro Village: same as above, but with more Vanderbilt/Belmont students and a line down the block for Pancake Pantry
  • Lower Broadway/the Gulch: same as above, but with more screaming pedal tavern patrons, and tourists wearing cowboy boots & hats to “blend in”