Carter and Paige met on Match.com, of all places. Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus, and this time it was the internet!

Side note: Before our first date we agreed not to murder each other, so that might take a little bit of magic out of the moment, or at least insert a dash of reality… but hey! So far, so good on that front, eh?

We initially connected over talk of Neil deGrasse Tyson (multiverse and astrophysics = swoon) and tacos (also swoon), but our first date was at Burger Republic for messy, messy burgers and booze milkshakes on February 9, 2016. From all accounts, we both had the same reaction upon seeing each other for the first time: HEART EYES.

Dinner was such a success, we went on to M.L. Rose for beers and more conversation, making it a pretty late night and a great first date. We wound up having three dates in two days… or maybe it was four dates in three days? Whatever the case, we managed to cram several dates into a few days because it was obvious from the very start that there was something different and special there.

Cliff Notes version of the rest: Carter proposed on Paige’s birthday; they bought a house together a month or so later; and in September of this year, they’ll be married in the company of loving family and friends! When you know… you know.

Finding your person is such a gift; getting to share and celebrate that gift with others just kicks it into outer orbit. Intergalactic love story for the win. ❤